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What does being in a “Relationship” mean to me?
People ask me this question all the time, in my opinion being a relationship means playing your part instead of letting one person carry all of the responsibilities, that meaning being there for them and not walking away when things don’t go as you planned them to be because you understand that no matter who’s relationship it is it’s not going to be 100% perfect, you know? When in a relationship you need to take responsibility of your actions, when you mess up don’t blame it on your significant other, no that you messed up and work together to work towards a resolve that makes both of you happy. not just one person, Remember compromise works wonders. When I am in a relationship my significant other’s happiness is my priority so I would do whatever it may take to make them genuinely smile and be happy, do you know why? When you two are happy your path become clearer. As for arguments and fights, know that they are mere stepping stones to building a stronger and lasting relationship, but only if two people are willing to talk things out peacefully instead of argue with one another over frivolous issues because as you both begin to talk things out with one another you begin to understand things from their point of view, you begin to see why they feel or do the things they do and when you understand that you know more about your girlfriend of boyfriend which in return builds a stronger and more understanding relationship. This is my opinion, so see it as you may see fit. 

Posted on May/6/2012
Originally Posted by: trungphan

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